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C.J. HINKE, The Classical Wizard, Bangkok, Thailand & Tofino, Canada

Who says Latin is a dead language? Latin is thriving online. Teaching the classics doesn’t even need dead trees!

Websites are notoriously fluid.  If you can’t connect, do a search for title or keywords. You’ll almost always find something interesting!

Some websites have multiple names and may be duplicated here. It would be impossible to produce a comprehensive catalogue of such resources.

There are many Latin texts and other resources which have fallen into the public domain and are hosted on such sites as Google Books, WikiBooks, Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive. I have attempted to list just a few below. If you have such a book, please consider scanning it to Portable Document Format (PDF) and making it available on the Web for the benefit of other educators.

Don’t have a pagina domestica yet or haven’t created a circulus latinus for your group? I suggest you use one of the excellent, free weblog sites such as WordPress or Blogspot.

I have used categories rather freely and some resources defy cataloguing altogether! The aim of this paper is to encourage further exploration and perhaps create your very own online Latin resource. Think about starting small, with a Weblog or a YouTube video in Latin or scanning and posting some of your own course materials.


The Association for Latin Teaching.

Catalogue of Internet Resources, Strathclyde University – Index of resources, dictionaries, study aids, literature.

CIRCE – A Classics and ICT Resource Course for Europe, Comenius Project 2.1 by Julian Morgan, Parts 1 and 2 (PDF)., CIRCE manual (PDF). CIRCE – ICT on Classics Teaching (PDF). and

The Classics Library.

Classics Links (Bruce R. Morgan).

Classics Page at Ad Fontes Academy.  Includes Latin texts and classical links of general interest (Libellus Project, Perseus, etc.).

Electronic Antiquity:  Electronic Fora and Repositories for the Classics.  Contains a list of texts, journals, discussion groups, and miscellanea. For ftp and gopher access, email:

Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation. Edited by Maria Pantelia (Email:

Latin on the Internet.

Latin Links – Catenae Latinae. Lexicon Recentioris Latinitatis.

The Latin Qvarter – Latin language books and films, finding texts and other support. Films:

Latin Resources – Directory of Internet resources for Greek and Latin.

Latin Resources in Latin –

Latinteach Resource Guide –

Latin Therapy – Bibliography of Latin resources.

Libri Latini Post Secundum Bellum Universale Conscripti – A bibliography of publications in Latin after 1945.

Living Latin – Organization Research Guide.

Minimus the Mouse.  Beloved Cambridge hero to elementary Latin students.,,, http://minimusthemouse,  Search “Minimus” at

Online resources for Latin teachers

Repositories of Classical Texts or Publications – Information about seminars, instructional tools, texts, journals, databases,mailing lists, discussion groups, and classical associations.

Society for Neo-Latin Studies – Research Tools.


Latin on Wikipedia –

Latin Language – Online Latin resources.

The Latin Language, An Irreverent but True Chronology, by Timothy J. Pulju, Dartmouth College.

Encyclopaedia Latina-Vicipaedia –


Adumbratio Lexici Angli et Latini (David Morgan).

Babylon Latin Dictionary.

Bibliotheca Augustana (Ulrich Harsch).

Colloquia Scholastica.

Companion to The Worlds of Roman Women (Ann R. Raia & Judith Sebesta) (Ann R. Raia and Judith Sebesta)

Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum (David Camden).

Descriptive Grammar of the Latin Language, Orbis Latinus from Zdravko Batzarov).,

Electronic Text Center – Online Latin texts.

Forum Romanorum (David Camden).

Greek and Latin Language Resources – A Graeco-Roman Neo-pagan site.

Lacus Curtius (Bill Thayer).

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid –

Latin Forum – Discussion of language and literature.

Latin Language – Classical Latin texts and translations, dictionary lists and newsgroup.

Latin Texts and Tools – Including Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary and English-Latin version.

Latin Toolbox – Language and literature.

Latin Tutorial – Literature, dictionaries, tutorials, children’s learning.

Latin Wiktionary –

Lexicon Silva (David Morgan).

Libellus Project.  A large collection of Greek and Latin texts in the public domain.,

Medieval [sic] and Modern thought Text Digitization Project.,

Monumen ta Germaniae Historica.

Omniglot – History of Latin, Latin dictionary resources and reviews, learning Latin on the Internet, Latin poetry, Latin grammars.

Perseus Digital Library.

Roman Perseus – Latin texts and tools.

Selected Resources for Latin – Annotated directory of print and Internet resources, dictionary, study aids and literature.

Smith & Hall.

Resources for Latin – Study and review.


A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language for Speaking and Writing Latin by G.J. Adler.

The Blackwell History of the Latin Language.

The Latin Language (1954) by Leonard Robert Palmer.


Carmenta Online Latin School (Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser) Email:

Catholic Email list for Latin study – Including Pope John Paul’s Veterum Sapienta.

Catholic Pages – Learning Latin.

Kentucky Classics.,

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid (William Harris) – Latin literature and Macintosh downloads.

Latin Language Courses –

Latin Student Resources – Emphasis on resources for the Cambridge Latin Course.

Latinum – Online Latin audio course by podcast using Adler’s Practical Grammar.

No grammar, no rules, no fear – Study Latin as Romans did.

Nova Roma – Academia Thules.

Pluralitas Latina –

The Pope’s Latinist – Father Reginald “Reggie” Foster.

Septimanae Latinae Europaeae.

Teaching Latin with Technology – University of Maryland.  http://www.vroma.org

Transparent Language – Latin software and resources.

Una Voce Chronology – Classical homeschooling.

Italatin – Free Latin translations.

Classical Studies Summer School.


Nuntii Latini, Radio Finland –

Nuntii Bremense, Radio Bremen


Aesop’s Fables in Latin: Fable 12, Puer et Agricola.

Caii Ivii Caesaris de Bello Gallici Germani, Classical Latin from the Early Roman Empire, with text.

Causa vera ictus sreni, Zidane et Materazzi.

The Choice of Paris – Excerpt from George Sharpley’s film about Paris. Complete film from The Latin Qvarter.

Cleopatra’s Kitchen –

Common Latin Phrases.

The Consolation of Philosophy – Excerpt from George Sharpley’s film about Boethius. Complete film at The Latin Qvarter (

Curriculum Latinum Prima Pars.

Declensions 1-2-3, The Declensions Song.

Introduction to Latin 102, Professor Rachel Myers.

Latin Alive.

Latin Derivatives.

Latin and Greek for All, Olympia Language Show.

Latin Immersion.

Latin Language.

Latin, The Language of the Romans.

Latin Lesson – Pronunciation (MorsCorporis).

Latinum Verbs.

Lingua Latina, The Movie (1952) from

Lingua Latina Illustrata, Hans H. Orberg.

Lingua Latina Total –

Lingua Lecta from Till Kulawik.

Luigi Miraglia, “De optima Latine docendi ratione”, at the V Jornada de Cultura Clasica de Sagunt.

Milena Minkova Loquitur.

Star Wars Latin Trailer. (Yes, Latin is one of the DVD language options!)

Terentius et Milena de Vita Cottidiana Latine Loquuntur.

Terentius Tunberg Latine Loquitur.

Terentius Tunberg de Linguae Latrinae Usu Loquitur.

Toddler Reads in Latin.

Un Saluto in Latino – Pope Benedict.

What’s in The Big Book of Lively Latin?

Why Study Latin?,


These sites have disappeared from the Web yet we are fairly sure they rexist somewhere. Many of them were hosted by which seems to be having universal difficulties. Please let us know if yopu find them again. Accii Vuatanabei Akihikonis – A Home Page in Latin, Greek, and Japanese. (The latter two require special fonts, which you can download at the bottom of the page.)  Many documents; Bibliotheca Latina; Boreooccidentales; Rebecca Bush; Circulus Latinus Barcinonensis; Circulus Latinus Bogotensis; Circulus Latinus Bonaerensis; Circulus Latinus Buffaloensis; Circulus Latinus Caesaraugustanus; Circuluis Latinus Canariensis; Circulus Latinus Gaditana; Circulus Latinus Gerundense; Circulus Latinus Lutetiensis; Circulus Latinus Perpinianensis; Circulus Latinus Seattlensis; Cursus Vivae Latinitas; Pagina domestica Consortii Quinque Virorum – Minimal Latin text from a group of five Dutchmen; Pagina domestica Henrici Biacchessi; Societas Latina Gaditana


Adiutorium, Instructiones atque Interrogata Usitatissima – This is the help page in Latin for Automatically add your URL to over 100 of the biggest and most important indexes and search engines. (The rest of the site is in English.)

Adulescens –

Arenys de Mar –

Bestiaria Latina (Laura Best) –

Bibliotheca Augustana –

Cantus Gregorianus –

Carmina Popularia – Latin translations of popular songs, with English back-translations.,

Cena Latina Berkeleiensis –

Centre for Neo-Latin Studies –

Circulus Latinus – Yahoo Group. Subscribe by email:

Circulus Latinus Bononiensis –

Circulus Latinus Bruxellensis –

Circulus Latinus Catinensis –

Circulus Latinus Interretialis –

Circulus Latinus Londiniensis –

Circulus Latinus Panormitanus –

Circulus Latinus Portualacrensis –

Circulus Latinus Pragenus –

Circulus Latinus Romanus –

Circulus Latinus Zagrabiensis – – Contentful sites of a Latin circle in Spain. In Latin and Spanish. Includes links and several articles in Latin.

Circulus Latinus Panormitanus –,

Circulus Societatis Latinae Lexintoniensis (in Kentukia)

Conventiculum Latinum Safrense –

Database of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature –,

Declarationem Hominis Iurium Universam – A Latin translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights., (PDF)

Denuone Latine louebar? (Jim Cheetham) –

De rebus Latinis –

Dialogi Surdiani-Necnon Caroli –

Dominus Anulorum –

Domus Wilbali –

E.L. Easton Languages Online-Latin.

Encyclopaedia Latina-Vicipaedia –

Ephemeris –

Familia Sancti Hieronymi –

Flavii Magistri Pagina Domestica Classica – With prose and poetry by the author. There are several English subpages.

Glossarium Latino-Estonico-Latinum – Latin-Estonian Dictionary.

Grex Latine loquentium – A Latin listserv.,

Guntheri Pagina Domestica – Home page of a Brazilian Physicist. Attractive page with a Latin Java Applet and links to a few Latin texts.

Gymnasium Laurentianum – Latin primary school in Germany.

Hans Christopherson Saxo Lexicon –

International Association for Neo-Latin Studies –

Johannes-Paulus Bauer orationes –,,,

Juvenis –

Kevin Kless –

Latinae Poesis Nostra ex Aetate Pagina – Modern Latin Poetry from Marc Moskowitz. Page is in Latin, but an option for English translation is provided.

Latinitas –

Latinitas recens vivaque Saravipontana – A part of the site owned by Universitat des Saarlandes, Germany, which represents the all-Latin periodical Vox Latina and the Societas Latina publishers. Latin sample texts on current topics, etc.

Latinitas Romana Salesiana –

Latinitas Viva – Includes many documents in Latin, and the “must” for Neo-Latinists, the English-Latin Computer dictionary.

Latinitas Viva – Stephanus Rocca homepage

Latinitati Vivae Provehendae Associatio e.V. (LVPA or LUPA) – Germany based association promoting Living Latin. Most of members are in Europe. A lot of events, some links.

The Latin Library –,

Latin verbs on Verbix — verb morphology and grammar – Verbix site includes verb morphology and grammar in 30+ languages, including Latin, Old English, Gothic and modern languages.

Lexicon minimum linguae Latinae –

Lexicon Recentioris Latinitatis –

Lingua Latina Aeterna –

Ludi Latini –

Ludi Latini – Email List., Roman Insults

Ludovici Erhardii, Chancellor of Germany –

Melissa –

Meterologia Romana –

Moyssiacum –

Notae –

Nuntii Latini – Radio Finland presents a 5 minute Latin newscast every Saturday. This site includes the online texts and links to the RealAudio broadcast for the current week’s report. Site in Latin, with some English translations.

Radio Bremen, Germany –

Nuntius pro Lingua Latina.  Victorius Ciarrocchi Pisaurensis’ Home Page – Nice layout with lots of Latin text. Links to lexicon and emails in Latin.

Omnes Latinitas in Orbe Terrarum.

Ralph Praussmuller – A Slovenian Latin teacher. The page presently has just his Curriculum Vitae.

Orbis Latinus – Descriptive, historical and alternative grammars and more.,

Pagina Albini Flacci Emporitani –

Pagina domestica Classica Lemoynensis –

Pagina domestica Claudii Dubitatii-Comminus Eminus –

Pagina domestica Hygini Garcia –

Pagina domestica Ivonis Spirae – Austrian and Norwegian.

Pagina domestica Johannis Piazza Berkeleiensis –

Pagina domestica Medisilvani –,

Pagina domestica Olivarii Mundy-Retifolium Latinum –

Pagina domestica Petri Brezina-Humanitas ac Pietas –

Pagina domestica Petri Hemetsburger –

Pagina domestica – Samuel J. Huskey, Email:, a Classic student, presents his life story. Amusing neologisms, like “Illi Prates” for “Las Vegas”.

Pagina Victori Pisaurensis –

Passio, Pellicula a Mel Gibson confecta –

Poesis Latina Hodierna –

Pompei, urbs reperta –

Retiarius: Commentarii Periodici Latini – An all-Latin online periodical.

Rostra Nova –

Rumor Varius. Commentarii periodici a Societate Latina Turicensi – A Web presentation of a Latin bimonthly. Some sample articles in Latin onsite. (Site navigation simple but in German).

Schola – In fora Latino estis.

Schola Latina Universalis –

Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum – A California based society for promotion of the Latin language. Page available in Latin, English, and Spanish.

Septimanae Latinae Universalis –

Saxo Lexicon – Saxon-Danish Dictionary.

Saxo Medisilunus – This is a personal website from Norway and is entirely in Latin. It makes use of carets (^) instead of macrons for showing long vowels.  Some great photos as a bonus.

Societas Circvlorvm Latinorvm –,

Society for Neo-Latin Studies –

Sodalitas Ludis Latinis.

Vocabula computralia –

Vox Latina –

and last…Exploring Our Matrix – Lost, Season 5, Episode 3: “Jughead”.


C.J. Hinke is co-translator of The Classical Wizard / Magus Mirabilis in Oz, now out-of-print. Dr. Hinke would be very grateful if some kind ACL member might point him to an enthusiastic publisher to reprint! Dr. Hinke is also a longtime member of The International Wizard of Oz Club and has been translating and publishing the Oz series into Thai language since 1992. Dr. Hinke’s last article for The Classical Outlook was “A Short Bibliography of Modern Children’s Books in Latin”, CO 83:4, pp 138-139, Summer 2006. Any additions or corrections to this checklist would be most welcome by the author. (cjATtuDOTacDOTth).

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  1. Philip Cipolla Says:

    Hello Mr. Hinke,

    I am a Latin teacher in New Jersey.

    I wish to use your Magus Mirabilis in Oz as an adjunct to my Latin classes.
    My colleague at our school may wish to do the same.

    Have you contacted Bolchazy Carducci publishers?

    I’d be very surprised if they would not want to republish this work!

    They are the world leaders in supplying Latin books of all sorts for teaching.


    Phil Cipolla

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