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C.J. Hinke, The Classical Wizard, Bangkok, Thailand & Tofino, Canada

YouTube and other Internet video streams are notoriously fluid. In many countries, including mine, YouTube is often blocked completely for politically-sensitive content. Videos often simply disappear!

If the video you want to watch is no longer available, sometimes a search for its precise title, in quotation marks, will find it. You may also try searching the several YouTube playlists of those who upload videos in Latin. You can also do your part by re-uploading Latin video content.

It would be completely impossible to compile an exhaustive list of Internet video content in Latin. This compendium is merely a start in the right direction.

We hope readers will report broken links, unavailable videos…and where they are now! New content, additions and corrections are most welcome.

Join the Immortals! Make your own YouTube videos in Latin!

Viva Latinitas YouTube playlist.

Philoglot YouTube playlist.

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata playlist.

Agamador playlist.


Ad Asellam – S. Hieronymi Epistula 45, pars prior.

Ad Asellam – S. Hieronymi Epistula 45, pars posterior.

Adler – Dictata prima.

Aesop’s Fables in Latin: Fable 12, Puer et Agricola.

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars secunda).

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars tertia).

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars quarta).

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars quinta).

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars sexta).

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars septima).

Aloisii Miraglia orationes (pars octava).

Aloisius Miraglia de Graece docendi ratione Latine loquitur.

Aloisius Miraglia Latine in oppido priego loquitur I/II.

Aloisius Miraglia Latine in oppido priego loquitur II/II.

Amadeus -Latine – Scena 1.

Arithmetica 001 – Latinum.

Ave Maria in Latin.

Avitus in colloquio de viva lingua Latina per rete docenda.

Baucis et Philemon.

Bella dormiens.

Caii Ivii Caesaris de Bello Gallici Germani, Classical Latin from the Early Roman Empire, with text.

Caperula rubra I/II.

Caperula rubra II/II.

Catullus I Dono lepidum novum libellum?

Catullus V “A Thousand Kisses” – Punk Rock.

Catullus VIII.

Causa vera ictus sreni, Zidane et Materazzi.

The Choice of Paris – Excerpt from George Sharpley’s film about Paris.,

Complete film from The Latin Qvarter.

Clodia (Layla in Latin).

Cicero’s oration against Catiline.

Circulus Latinus Xerensis.


Curriculum Latinum Prima Pars.

Cleopatra’s Kitchen

Common Latin Phrases.

The Consolation of Philosophy – Excerpt from George Sharpley’s film about Boethius.,
Complete film at The Latin Qvarter.

Conveniamus ad Cauponam.

Coquus Ferreus.

Corvus Corax – Dulcissima.

Corvus Corax. Hymnus Cantica.

Corvus Corax – Mille Anni Passi Sunt.

Dad and Latin.

The Dark Knight Latin trailer.

Deadalus et Icarus.

De casula ex crustulis curvatis exstructa I/III.

De casula ex crustulis curvatis exstructa II/III.

De casula ex crustulis curvatis exstructa III/III.

Declensions 1-2-3, The Declensions Song.

Declinatio tertia. Imago secunda. Auditio

De conventiculo Bostoniensi pars altera.


De Thomae Mori Utopia.

De tribus porcellis.

Dido et Aeneas.

Discipulae Chikichiki saliunt.

Djavan – Te devoro.

Eduardus M. Engelsing professorem von Albrecht inducit.

Estudiar latin.ín

Everyday conversation.ón

Gaius Valerius Catullus, Carmina Catulli VIII.

Harvard’s Latin Salutatory Address 2007.

In dubio pro reo.

Initium Roberti Carfanei orationis.

Introduction to Latin 102, Professor Rachel Myers.


Ladislaus Dolidon mirifice recitat Homerum (Odyssey V 270-277).

Latin Alive.

De Architectura – M. Vitruuius Pollio, Liber Primus.

Latin Derivatives.

Latin and Greek for All, Olympia Language Show.

Latin Immersion.

Latin Language.

Latin: Lingua Mortua, sed Lingua Ecclesiae, Part 1

Latin, The Language of the Romans.

Latin Lesson – Pronunciation (MorsCorporis).

Latin poetry: Martial I 109 (Hendecasyllabic verse).–A&feature=PlayList&p=6D02727E6D2E729E&index=63

Latin project – All about Leto.

Latin in Second Life I/III.,-1-of-3.html

Latin in Second Life II/III.,-2-of-3.html

Latin in Second Life III/III.,-3-of-3.html

Latinum Verbs.

Latin verb amo 001.

Latin verb audio 001.

Latin verb moneo – first part.

Latin verb rego 001.

Life of Brian – Romanes eunt domus.

Lingua Latina Capitula IX et X.

Lingua Latina, The Movie (1952). from

Lingua Latina Illustrata, Hans H. Orberg.

Lingua Latina Total.

Lingua Lecta from Till Kulawik.

Lingua mortua, sed linguae ecclesiae Part I.

Literatura Latina.

Luigi Miraglia, “De optima Latine docendi ratione”, at the V Jornada de Cultura Clasica de Sagunt.

Me loquente.

Mihi nomen est Rana colloquium Latinum.

Milena Minkova Loquitur.

Miraglia I/IX.

Miraglia II/IX.

Miraglia III/IX.

Miraglia IV/IX.

Miraglia V/IX.

Miraglia VI/IX.

Miraglia VII/IX.

Miraglia VIII/IX.

Miraglia IX/IX.

Miraglia de Graeca docendi ratione Latine loquitur I/II.

Miraglia de Graeca docendi ratione Latine loquitur II/II.æce

My verb teaching method.



Nosferatu slide show – Cursum Perficio.

Numeri Latini 1-20.

Nunc Latine loquor de quibusdam libris,

Nuntii Latini Italici.

Odi et Amo Catulo.


On the Gallic Wars – Germans.

Orbis Romanus trailer.

Orbis sensualim pictus pensum V.

Orbis sensualim pictus pensum VI.

Pater meus rosam pulchram habet.

Pater Reginal Foster (Vatican Latin expert) (in German).


Prima pellicula mea brevis Latina.

Pronunciation of Latin vowels.

Prophecy of St. Malachy: Petrus Romanus–Is he Pietro Parolin?

Puer Romanus – part of chapter one.

Pyramus et Thisbe.

Qui, quae, qoud.

Qui, quae, quod song.ón-del-qui-quae-quod

Quis ibi stat?

Quod mihi nomen est?

Quomodo te habes.

Reggie Foster’s Caesar song.

Romanus urbanus.

The Rhythms of Classical Latin Poetry – Hexameter: Aeneid VI, 836-853 I/II.

The Rhythms of Classical Latin Poetry – More Hexamater: Pyramus & Thisbe.

Sacapus in circulo Latino Lutetiensi.

Salmacidis et hermaphrodit fabula (pars prima).



Second- and third- declensions song.ª-y-3ª-declinación-la-canción

Seligite Shannon – Presidential campaign video in Latin.

A short Latin film.

Solamente una vez in Latin (Lara/Escorza).

Sport Vocabulary Slideshow.

S.P.Q.R. Senatus Populusque Romanus.

Star Wars Latin Trailer. (Yes, Latin is one of the DVD language options!)


Stuck in Vermont 19 : Latin Day.

Terentius et Milena de vita cottidiana Latine loquuntur.

Terentius Tunberg Latine loquitur.

Terentius Tunberg de Linguae Latrinae Usu Loquitur.

Terentius Tunberg et Milena Minkova colloquuntur.

Terentius Tunberg quosdam discipulos alloquitur.

Toddler Reads in Latin.

Un Saluto in Latino – Pope Benedict.

Vae Victis – Senatus Populusque Romanus.

Valahfridus singing Catullus’ Carmen II.

Valahfridus spricht Latein I/IV.

Valahfridus spricht Latein II/IV.

Valahfridus spricht Latein III/IV.

Valahfridus spricht Latein IV/IV.

Variis de rebus.

Vivarium novum inicio.

Vivarium novum Capitulum I.

Vivarium novum Capitulum II.

Vivarium novum Capitulum III.

Vivarium novum Capitulum V.

Vivarium novum Capitulum VI.

Vivarium novum Capitulum VIII.

Vivarium novum Capitulum IX.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XI.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XIV.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XVI.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XIX.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXII.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXVI.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXVII.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXVIII.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXXI.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXXIII.

Vivarium novum Capitulum XXXIV.

Vivarium novum final.

Vox Romana I/IIón-de-hipólita-voxromana-mostellariaón-de-hipólita-»-mostellaria-lectio-prima

Vox Romana II/II – Saguntum mea dooomuuusón-de-hipólita-»-mostellaria-lectio-secunda-saguntum-mea-dooomuuus

What’s in The Big Book of Lively Latin?

What to tell your parents after your first year in collegeón

Wheelock’s Latin Vocabulary Cards for iPod

Why is Sextus a Pest?

Why Study Latin?,

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