The Classical Wizard: English – Latin – Thai!


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Center for Research in Computational Linguistics, Bangkok


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 

L. Frank Baum, Author 

Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri, Translation



Presentation of the Thai translation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is made possible by the generosity of C.J. Hinke, editor and publisher (in collaboration with DokYa Books) of the Thai edition. English – Thai and Latin – Thai.


L. Frank Baum published the original book in 1900. It is the best-selling children’s book of all time; over 11 million copies have been sold in 52 languages. This new Thai edition includes all illustrations from the original printing.

The translation is by Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri, Dean of Liberal Arts at Thammasat University, and a professor of Thai history and civilisation. Dr. Charnvit graduated from Thammasat University with a degree in international relations, then went on to earn a masters degree from Occidental College, and finally a PhD in Southeast Asian history from Cornell University.

Narongsak Tantipinichwong, Director of Samnak Phim Dokya, publisher of the Thai edition, is a former student of Dr. Charnvit. Dokya Books is committed to helping young Thai readers develop a love of literature and learning by producing Thai translations of classic books.

C.J. Hinke was born in Canada, and has lived in Thailand for many years. He is a noted children’s book expert and avid Oz fan; his Latin edition of the Wizard of Oz (with George Van Buren) is published by Scolar Press, Berkeley. Mr. Hinke is very eager to find Thai translations of any of the 40-odd Oz books

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