Down LOEBs!


Loeb_Classical_Library_Homer           9780674990456_p0_v1_s260x420

Greek      &     Latin


It is a great and satisfying pleasure indeed to be able to pursue the eminent Loeb Classical Library from Harvard. The original Greek or Latin is presented on the verso page facing a recto page in English for prescient reminders.

Jewish German-American banker and philanthropist James Loeb’s purpose, giving all of us access to the classics could not be clearer.


In 1917 Virginia Woolf wrote (in the Times Literary Supplement):

“The Loeb Library, with its Greek or Latin on one side of the page and its English on the other, came as a gift of freedom…The existence of the amateur was recognised by the publication of this Library, and to a great extent made respectable…The difficulty of Greek is not sufficiently dwelt upon, chiefly perhaps because the sirens who lure us to these perilous waters are generally scholars [who] have forgotten…what those difficulties are. But for the ordinary amateur they are very real and very great; and we shall do well to recognise the fact and to make up our minds that we shall never be independent of our Loeb.”

Unfortunately, for the student or retired academic or those living in countries where libraries are thin on the ground, the Loeb volumes are either financially unattainable or logistically unobtainable.

Many older Loeb volumes are available from Internet Archive Others are “DownLOEBables” from E. Donnelly’s wonderful effort here:

There are currently over 500 Loeb volumes, best ordered from their chaos by Wikipedia here: However, these books cost around $20 each. That’s ten grand for a complete set.




Although the official Loeb site is of interest, you might find the Loebs you’re missing in a terrific torrent of 302 volumes, 5.83GB, quite enough to get you started.

Search by InfoHash: B812A4B35B69022001764A12BB03CC94440482F8 or XAJKJM23NEBCAALWJIJLWA6MIQCIF6A. The full magnet link is here: Full Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b812a4b3…are%2Fopentracker%2Fannounce.

The translators’ and editors’ prefaces to each volume provides me a constant source of inspiration. Fire up your favourite BitTorrent tracker and enjoy!


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