Loebs for your lobes!


A new torrent for 317 Loeb Classical Library volumes has been reposited here:

Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/LoebClassicalLibraryIncomplete_201302

The Pirate Bay: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/8161788/Loeb_Classical_Library_[Incomplete]

KickAssTorrents: http://kat.ph/loeb-classical-library-incomplete-t7109667.html

Isohunt: http://ca.isohunt.com/release/916501/Loeb+Classical+Library

ExtraTorrent: http://extratorrent.com/torrent/2984625/


(That means leaving the torrent active in your BitTorrent client and leaving the download files intact in your default download location on your computer.)

If these torrent locations disappear from the Internet (unlikely), a simple search should be sufficient:

Loeb Classical Library [Incomplete].torrent


One Response to “Loebs for your lobes!”

  1. Gelfryd Says:

    I cannot leave new comment on The Pirate Bay, i don’t know why.
    Man, this torrent would be grateful but it is not. After closer watching I see, after downloading to my hard disc, that is not much worth. I expected something better, sth up to date. These are very old editions, from the initial life cycle of series. When Loeb Classical Library was censored, from sex, homosexuality etc. This torrent package lacks newer and of newest editions, the new editions and resumptions of Loeb Classical Library. Could You scan, edit and upload edited and published volumes of the Greek and Latin series respectively. If You did so, this would be great. Then I would appreciate it much. After the first euphoria, when I saw this torrent on The Pirate Bay, now I feel great disappointment.
    This torrent is nothing more than just very antiques, now being located already in an public domain.
    Unfortunately, I would prefer newer, and hence better Loeb Classical Library.

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