A classical education for a modern world:


The Latin School Phenomenon


Latin is often described as a dead language, an obscure relic of ancient history. However, I have discovered that Latin majors are available in the US from colleges and universities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the US occupied territories of Puerto Rico and even Guam! http://www.a2zcolleges.com/Majors/Latin.html.

I live in Bangkok and many international, overseas private boarding high schools compete for Asian students from rich families. I attended such an education fair recently only to find that, of 30 schools on offer in the US and Canada, none offered Latin, to be frank, the only incentive for sending our teenage daughter away.

An article by Willem Frijhoff in The Macmillan Reference USA’s Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society describes the foundation of so-called “Latin schools”. “Latin schools” exist in both the US and Great Britain and are called “gymnasia” in Germanic and Scandinavian countries and “lycée” in the French-speaking world.

Latin schools exist to lay the foundation of a classical, literate education which can blossom into many kinds of study to develop any number of life skills.

Not only do we need to offer our support to keep these fine institutions alive but we need to encourage our students to embrace this sort classical education. Latin schools build leaders not followers.


Here are just a handful in North America:

Boston Latin Academy



Boston Latin School



Brooklyn Latin School



The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland



Charlotte Latin School



Covington Latin School



Latin School of Chicago



Roxbury Latin School



The Royal Latin School



Syracuse Latin School (Proposed 2013)


WRITE OR PHONE IN SUPPORT OF THE PROPOSAL: Sharon L. Contreras, Superintendent,

725 Harrison Street, Syracuse, NY 13210 Mailing Address 1025 Erie Boulevard West Syracuse, NY 13204  (315) 435-4499


Cambridge Rindge and Latin School



Washington Latin Public Charter School





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