Loebolus! (And who will pay Plutarch?)



Ryan Bauman has created a webpage for 246 public domain Loeb volumes:: http://ryanfb.github.io/loebolus/. These are sourced from the DownLOEBable volumes catalogued by Edwin Donnelly http://www.edonnelly.com/loebs.html.

While not as complete as the torrent available, many of Ryan’s Loebs are considerably smaller if hard disk space is an issue.

There is also a stash of Loebs at the Library Genesis Project: http://lib.freescienceengineering.org/. Search “Loeb”. And a larger one at Wolfram: http://members.wolfram.com/billw/000-loeb.html.

Eduardo Solon has made available some 282 of his Loebs on 4shared and is planning to keep uploading as he finds more: http://www.4shared.com/folder/Faj8AMcM/_online.html.

There are also some interesting Latin books at Uz-Translations Language Portal: http://uz-translations.net/?category=latin. If anyone figures out how to actually get the PDFs to download, please post that in a comment here.

The Loeb II torrent, though still much incomplete, may be found here. The torrent appears to be well-seeded and you should considering doing your bit to keep it so.

ThePirateBay: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9464597


ExtraTorrent: http://extratorrent.cc/torrent/3379312/


Info hash: 0625F17FFBCCD2F19D57454DC7043786ED5D4C0A


Meanwhile, we have uploaded our 320+ Loebs to Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/Freedom%20Against%20Censorship%20Thailand%20%28FACT%29 and Internet Archive: https://archive.org/search.php?query=unblocktheplanet, the world’s library, (tags: Latin, Greek, Classics, Loeb), making these timeless books available to everyone.

It is quite incredible to us that Harvard does not make any of its Loeb Classical Library available in electronic format!

If you, gentle reader, think this is about money not knowledge, you should hear about Norway. Norway has just decided to digitise every single book in Norwegian and make them available for free to citizens: “Norway Decided to Digitize All the Norwegian Books” http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/12/norway-decided-to-digitize-all-the-norwegian-books/282008/ by the mid-2020s.

Alexis C. Magrigal in The Atlantic:

“So imagine digital archaeologists coming across the remains of early 21st century civilization in an old data center on the warming tundra. They look around, find some scraps of Buzzfeed and The Atlantic, maybe some Encyclopaedia Britannicas, and then, gleaming in the data: a complete set of Norwegian literature.

“Suddenly, the Norwegians become to 27th-century humans what the Greeks were to the Renaissance. Everyone names the children of the space colonies Per and Henrik, Amalie and Sigrid.

“The capital of our new home planet will be christened Oslo.

“Can America afford to be left behind?

“Seriously, though, smaller countries with friendlier attitudes toward government and the humanities surely have an easier task than Americans in preserving our past. But we’re hardly trying.

“Our libraries do what they can, but the idea of digitizing literally every book published in this country is a goal that we should shoot for and fund.”

Please let us know if you find, upload or torrent any of these missing Loebs:


L033 Horace — Volume I: Odes and Epodes

L050 Strabo — Geography II: Books 3-5

L073 Aristotle — Volume XIX: Nicomachean Ethics

L134 Philostratus Lives of the Sophists. Eunapius: Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists

L141 Cicero — Volume XVIII: Tusculan Disputations

L154 Cicero — Volume XX: On Old Age. On Friendship. On Divination

L155 Demosthenes — Volume II: De Corona, De Falsa Legatione (18-19)

L156 Aeneas Tacticus — Aeneas Tacitus, Asclepiodotus, and Onasander

L158 Cicero — Volume XI: Pro Archia. Post Reditum in Senatu. Post Reditum ad Quirites. De Domo Sua. De Haruspicum Responsis. Pro Cn. Plancio

L159 Polybius — Histories IV: Books 9-15

L164 Plato — Volume VIII: Statesman. Philebus. Ion

L166 Plato — Volume III: Lysis. Symposium. Gorgias

L171 Homer — Iliad II: Books 13-24

L172 Livy — History of Rome III: Books 5-7

L180 Aristophanes III: Lysistrata. Thesmophoriazusae. Ecclesiazusae. Plutus

L181 Lucretius — On the Nature of Things

L182 Strabo — Geography III: Books 6-7

L195 Aulus Gellius — Attic Nights I: Books 1-5

L196 Strabo — Geography IV: Books 8-9

L197 Plutarch — Moralia I: The Education of Children. How the Young Man Should Study Poetry. On Listening to Lectures. How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend. How a Man May Become Aware of His Progress in Virtue

L198 Cicero — Volume IX: Pro Lege Manilia. Pro Caecina. Pro Cluentio. Pro Rabirio Perduellionis Reo

L199 Aristotle — Volume XXIII: Poetics. On the Sublime. On Style

L200 Aulus Gellius — Attic Nights II: Books 6-13

L202 Isaeus — Isaeus

L204 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists I: Books 1-3.106e

L208 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists II: Books 3.106e-5

L212 Aulus Gellius — Attic Nights III: Books 14-20

L221 Cicero — Volume VII: The Verrine Orations I

L224 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists III: Books 6-7

L226 Philo — Volume I: On the Creation. Allegorical Interpretation of Genesis 2 and 3

L227 Philo — Volume II: On the Cherubim. The Sacrifices of Abel and Cain. The Worse Attacks the Better. On the Posterity and Exile of Cain. On the Giants

L228 Aristotle — Volume IV: The Physics Books 1-4

L231 Florus — Epitome of Roman History

L232 Ovid — Volume II: Art of Love. Cosmetics. Remedies for Love. Ibis. Walnut-tree. Sea Fishing. Consolation

L234 Plato — Volume IX: Timaeus. Critias. Cleitophon. Menexenus. Epistles

L235 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists IV: Books 8-10

L238 Demosthenes — Volume I: Olynthiacs 1-3. Philippic 1. On the Peace. Philippic 2. On Halonnesus. On the Chersonese. Philippics 3 and 4. Answer to Philip’s Letter. Philip’s Letter. On Organization. On the Navy-boards. For the Liberty of the Rhodians…

L240 Cicero — Volume VI: Pro Quinctio. Pro Roscio Amerino. Pro Roscio Comoedo. The Three Speeches on the Agrarian Law Against Rullus

L243 Basil — Volume III: Letters 186-248

L247 Philo — Volume III: On the Unchangeableness of God. On Husbandry. Concerning Noah’s Work As a Planter. On Drunkenness. On Sobriet

L252 Cicero — Volume XIV: Pro Milone. In Pisonem. Pro Scauro. Pro Fonteio. Pro Rabirio Postumo. Pro Marcello. Pro Ligario. Pro Rege Deiotaro

L255 Aristotle — Volume V: The Physics Books 5-8

L257 Dio Chrysostom — Volume I: Discourses 1-11

L258 Tyrtaeus — Greek Elegiac Poetry

L259 Gerber, Douglas E — Greek Iambic Poetry: From the Seventh to the Fifth Centuries BC

L261 Philo — Volume IV: On the Confusion of Tongues. On the Migration of Abraham. Who Is the Heir of Divine Things? On Mating with the Preliminary Studies

L271 Aristotle — Volume XVII: Metaphysics Books 1-9

L272 Pausanias — Description of Greece III: Books 6-8.21 (Elis 2, Achaia, Arcadia)

L273 Sextus Empiricus — Volume I: Outlines of Pyrrhonism

L274 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists V: Books 11-12

L275 Philo — Volume V: On Flight and Finding. On the Change of Names. On Dreams

L378-Dionysius of Halicarnnassus VI/9.25-10

L279 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History I: Books 1-2.34

L280 Vitruvius — On Architecture Volume II: Books 6-10

L283 Cato — On Agriculture

L286 Valerius Flaccus — Argonautica

L288 Aristotle — Volume VIII: On the Soul. Parva Naturalia. On Breath

L289 Philo — Volume VI: On Abraham. On Joseph. On Moses

L290-Procopius — History of the Wars VI The Anecdota or Secret History

L291 Sextus Empiricus — Volume II: Against the Logicians

L292 Celsus — On Medicine I: Books 1-4

L293 Cicero — Volume VIII: The Verrine Orations II

L295 Livy — History of Rome IX: Books 31-34

L297 Pausanias — Description of Greece IV: Books 8.22-10 (Arcadia, Boeotia, Phocis and Ozolian Locri)

L298 Pausanias — Description of Greece V: Maps, Plans, Ilustrations and General Index

L306 Plutarch — Moralia V: Isis and Osiris. The E at Delphi. The Oracles at Delphi No Longer Given in Verse. The Obsolescence of Oracles

L309 Cicero — Volume XII: Pro Sestio. In Vatinium

L310 Seneca — Volume III: Moral Essays: De Beneficiis

L311 Sextus Empiricus — Volume III: Against the Physicists. Against the Ethicists

L312 Tacitus — Volume IV: Annals 4-6, 11-12

L316 Aristotle — Volume XV: Problems Books 1-21

L320 Philo — Volume VII: On the Decalogue. On the Special Laws, Books 1-3

L324 Cicero — Volume X: In Catilinam 1-4. Pro Murena. Pro Sulla. Pro Flacco

L327 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists VI: Books 13-14.653b

L332 Livy — History of Rome XII: Books 40-42

L338 Aristotle — Volume VI: On the Heavens

L339 Dio Chrysostom — Volume II: Discourses 12-30

L340 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History III: Books 4.59-8

L341 Philo — Volume VIII: On the Special Laws, Book 4. On the Virtues. On Rewards and Punishments

L342 Cicero — Volume V: Brutus. Orator

L343 Procopius — Volume VII: On Buildings. General Index

L345 Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists VII: Books 14.653b-15

L349 Cicero — Volume IV: On the Orator: Book 3. On Fate. Stoic Paradoxes. On the Divisions of Oratory

L359 Warmington, E — Remains of Old Latin IV: Archaic Inscriptions

L363 Philo — Volume IX: Every Good Man is Free. On the Contemplative Life. On the Eternity of the World. Against Flaccus. Apology for the Jews. On Providence

L366 Aristotle — Volume XIII: Generation of Animals

L368 Quintus Curtius — History of Alexander I: Books 1-5

L369 Quintus Curtius — History of Alexander II: Books 6-10

L375 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History IV: Books 9-12.40

L377 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History IX: Books 18-19.65

L379 Philo — Volume X: On the Embassy to Gaius. General Indexes

L380-Philo — Supplement I Genesis

L382 Sextus Empiricus — Volume IV: Against the Professors

L383 Alciphron — The Letters

L384 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History V: Books 12.41-13

L386 Cicero — Volume II: On Invention. The Best Kind of Orator. Topics.

L387-Prudentius — Volume I Christ Sin Man’s Soul Symmachus

L389 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History VII: Books 15.20-16.65

L390 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History X: Books 19.66-20

L395-Minor Attic Orators Volume II — Lycurgus Dinarchus Demades Hyperides

L399 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History VI: Books 14-15.19

L403-Cicero Volume I — Rhetorica ad Herennium

L404 Livy — History of Rome XIV: Summaries. Fragments. Julius Obsequens. General Index

L405 Plutarch — Moralia VII: On Love of Wealth. On Compliancy. On Envy and Hate. On Praising Oneself Inoffensively. On the Delays of the Divine Vengeance. On Fate. On the Sign of Socrates. On Exile. Consolation to His Wife

L408 Columella — On Agriculture III: Books 10-12. On Trees

L409 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History XI: Fragments of Books 21-32

L410 Josephus — Volume XI: Jewish Antiquities Books 16-17

L411 Augustine — City of God I: Books 1-3

L412 Augustine — City of God II: Books 4-7

L413 Augustine — City of God III: Books 8-11

L414 Augustine — City of God IV: Books 12-15

L415 Augustine — City of God V: Books 16-18.35

L416 Augustine — City of God VI: Books 18.36-20

L417 Augustine — City of God VII: Books 21-22

L418 Pliny — Natural History VIII: Books 28-32. Index of Fishes

L419 Pliny — Natural History X: Books 36-37

L420 Sidonius — Volume II: Letters, Books 3-9

L421 Callimachus — Volume I: Aetia, Iambi, Hecale and Other Fragments. Hero and Leander

L422 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History VIII: Books 16.66-17

L423 Diodorus Siculus — Library of History XII: Fragments of Books 33-40

L424 Plutarch — Moralia VIII: Table-talk, Books 1-6

L425 Plutarch — Moralia IX: Table-Talk, Books 7-9. Dialogue on Love

L426 Plutarch — Moralia XI: On the Malice of Herodotus. Causes of Natural Phenomena

L427 Plutarch — Moralia XIII Part 1: Platonic Essays

L428 Plutarch — Moralia XIV: That Epicurus Actually Makes a Pleasant Life Impossible. Reply to Colotes in Defence of the Other Philosophers. Is “Live Unknown” a Wise Precept? On Music

L429 Plutarch — Moralia XV: Fragments


Lucian — Volume VIII: Soloecista. Lucius or The Ass. Amores. Halcyon. Demosthenes. Podagra. Ocypus. Cyniscus. Philopatris. Charidemus. Nero

L433 Josephus — Volume XII: Jewish Antiquities Books 18-19

L434 Minor Latin Poets — Minor Latin Poets II: Florus. Hadrian. Nemesianus. Reposianus. Tiberianus. Dicta Catonis. Phoenix. Avianus. Rutilius Namatianus. Others

L435 Ptolemy — Tetrabiblos

L436 Babrius — Fables

L437 Aristotle — Volume IX: History of Animals Books 1-3

L438 Aristotle — Volume X: History of Animals Books 4-6

L439 Aristotle — Volume XI: History of Animals Books 7-10

L440 Plotinus — Volume I: Porphyry’s Life of Plotinus. Ennead 1

L441 Plotinus — Volume II: Ennead 2

L442 Plotinus — Volume III: Ennead 3

L443 Plotinus — Volume IV: Ennead 4

L444 Plotinus — Volume V: Ennead 5

L445 Plotinus — Volume VI Ennead 6 1-5

L447 Cicero — Volume XIII: Pro Caelio. De Provinciis Consularibus. Pro Balbo

L450 Seneca — Volume VII: Naturales Quaestiones, Books 1-3

L451 Libanius — Selected Orations I: Julianic Orations

L452 Libanius — Selected Orations II: Orations 2, 19-23, 30, 33, 45, 47-50

L453 Apuleius — Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass) II: Books 7-11

L454 Herodian — History of the Empire I: Books 1-4

L455 Herodian — History of the Empire II: Books 5-8

L456 Josephus — Volume XIII: Jewish Antiquities Book 20

L457 Seneca — Volume X: Naturales Quaestiones, Books 4-7

L458N Philostratus — Apollonius of Tyana III: Letters of Apollonius. Ancient Testimonia. Eusebius’s Reply to Hierocles

L462 Cicero — Volume XXVIII. Letters to His Brother Quintus; Letters to Brutus; Handbook of Electioneering; Letter to Octavian

L462N Cicero — Volume XXVIII: Letters to Quintus and Brutus. Letter Fragments. Letter to Octavian. Invectives. Handbook of Electioneering

L463 Seneca the Elder — Declamations I: Controversiae, Books 1-6

L464 Seneca the Elder — Declamations II: Controversiae, Books 7-10. Suasoriae. Fragments

L465 Dionysius of Halicarnassus — Critical Essays I: Ancient Orators. Lysias. Isocrates. Isaeus. Demosthenes. Thucydides

L466 Dionysius of Halicarnassus — Critical Essays II: On Literary Composition. Dinarchus. Letters to Ammaeus and Pompeius

L467 Cornelius Nepos — On Great Generals. On Historians

L468 Plotinus — Volume VII: Ennead 6.6-9

L469 Manilius — Astronomica

L470 Plutarch — Moralia XIII Part 2: Stoic Essays

L471 Theophrastus — De Causis Plantarum I: Books 1-2

L474 Theophrastus — De Causis Plantarum II: Books 3-4

L475 Theophrastus — De Causis Plantarum III: Books 5-6

L478 Libanius — Autobiography and Selected Letters I: Autobiography. Letters 1-50

L479 Libanius — Autobiography and Selected Letters II: Letters 51-193

L480-Martial — Epigrams Volume III/11-14

L481-Chariton — Callirhoe

L482 Hippocrates — Volume VIII: Places in Man. Glands. Fleshes. Prorrhetic 1-2. Physician. Use of Liquids. Ulcers. Haemorrhoids and Fistulas

L483 Sophocles — Volume III: Fragments

L486 Aelian — Historical Miscellany

L488 Aristophanes — Volume II: Clouds. Wasps. Peace

L489 Josephus — Volume X: Jewish Antiquities Books 14-15

L491 Cicero — Volume XXIX: Letters to Atticus 282-426

L492 Valerius Maximus — Memorable Doings and Sayings I: Books 1-5

L493 Valerius Maximus — Memorable Doings and Sayings II: Books 6-9

L494 Quintilian — Orator’s Education V: Books 11-12

L498 Statius — Volume III: Thebaid, Books 8-12. Achilleid

L499 Plutarch — Moralia XVI: Index

L500 Quintilian — Lesser Declamations I

L501 Quintilian — Lesser Declamations II

L502 Aristophanes — Volume V: Fragments

L503 Hesiod — Volume II: The Shield. Catalogue of Women.

L504 Euripides — Volume VII: Fragments

L505 Aeschylus — Volume III: Fragments

L506 Euripides — Volume VIII: Fragments

L507) Cicero — Volume XVb: Philippics 7-14

L508) Hellenistic Poetry Collection — Philitas Alexander of Aetolia Hermesianax. Euphorion Parthenius

L509) Hippocrates — Volume IX Anatomy. Nature of Bones. Heart. Eight Months’ Child. Coan Prenotions. Crises. Critical Days. Superfetation. Girls. Excision of the Fetus. Sight

L510) Macrobius — Saturnalia Volume I Books 1-2

L511) Macrobius — Saturnalia Volume II Books 3-5

L512) Macrobius — Saturnalia Volume III 6-7

L513) Fragments of Old Comedy Volume I — Alcaeus to Diocles

L514) Fragments of Old Comedy Volume II — Diopeithes to Pherecrates I & II

L515) Fragments of Old Comedy Volume III — Philonicus to Xenophon Adespota

L516) Galen — Method of Medicine Volume I Books 1–4

L517) Galen — Method of Medicine Volume II Books 5–9

L518) Galen — Method of Medicine Volume III Books 10–14

L519) Athenaeus — The Deipnosophists Volume VIII Book 15

L520) Hippocrates Volume X — Generation. Nature of the Child. Diseases 4. Nature of Women. Barrenness

4 Responses to “Loebolus! (And who will pay Plutarch?)”

  1. ZL Says:

    Are you aware that some of the authors in older Loebs had been differently organized? E. g. Euripides:
    L012 Euripides – Volume I: Cyclops. Alcestis. Medea, but the original 1912 title was Euripides IV: Ion. Hippolytus. Medea. Alcestis
    Same goes for some other authors, so you should correct your numeration.

  2. latin4everyone Says:

    ZL has commented that the older Loeb volumes may be numbered incorrectly. If he (or any other reader) wishes to correct this enumeration, we would be most grateful.

  3. ZL Says:

    I made a list in Word with the numbers I still consider to be missing, although some of them are not on your list. As most of scanned Loebs are in fact older out-of-copyright editions, I was following older numeration. On the other hand, I also have some scans of newer numbers that you consider to be missing (e.g. Strabo II or Remains of Old Latin IV).
    Still, there are problems with Demosthenes and his speeches – they too have been rearranged, but there are so many of them and I am not sure which book is which. Also, Apuleius firstly came in one piece (L44 old), after that in two (L44 new + L453).
    Anyway, if you want my list, I could send it so that you can re-check all.

    • latin4everyone Says:

      Yes, indeed, ZL! I’d be most grateful for your lists and, of course, for any Loebs listed as MIA! Thanks in advance.

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