More Loebs!


Courtesy of a reader, the following missing Loebs are available for download here:

L050 Strabo — Geography II: Books 3-5

L134 Philostratus Lives of the Sophists. Eunapius: Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists

L171 Homer — Iliad II: Books 13-24

L359 Warmington, E — Remains of Old Latin IV: Archaic Inscriptions

L378-Dionysius of Halicarnnassus VI/9.25-10

L380-Philo — Supplement I Genesis

L387-Prudentius — Volume I Christ Sin Man’s Soul Symmachus

L395-Minor Attic Orators Volume II — Lycurgus Dinarchus Demades Hyperides

L404 Livy — History of Rome XIV: Summaries. Fragments. Julius Obsequens. General Index

L435 Ptolemy — Tetrabiblos

L445 Plotinus — Volume VI Ennead 6 1-5

L481-Chariton — Callirhoe



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