Thermae Romae now in English, French, Italian and Spanish…why not Latin?





Pliny the Elder

The Japanese manga series, Thermae Romae by Mari Yamazaki, has finally been translated into foreign languages.



English [Yen Press] Vol. I (2012): ISBN-10 0316229199 ISBN-13 978-0316229197; Vol. II (2013): ISBN-10 031623219X ISBN-13 978-0316232197; Vol. III (2014) ISBN-10 031636911X ISBN-13 978-0316369114 [Note: The publisher claims each of these volumes contains two books from the (so far) six-book series.

French [Casterman] Vol I (2012): ISBN-10 2203050829 ISBN-13 978-2203050822; Vol. II: ISBN-10 2203049103 ISBN-13 978-2203049109; Vol. III: ISBN-10 2203050829 ISBN-13 978-2203050822; Vol. IV: ISBN-10 2203060409 ISBN-13 978-2203060401; Vol. V (2013): ISBN-10 2203062061 ISBN-13 978-2203062061; Vol. VI (2013): ISBN-10 220306207X ISBN-13 978-2203062078

Italian: [Star Comics, 2011] Vol. I: ISBN-10 8864201734 ISBN-13 978-8864201733; Vol. II: ISBN-10 886420234X ISBN-13 978-8864202341; Vol. III: ISBN-10 886420248X ISBN-13 978-8864202488; Vol. IV: ISBN-10 8864203656 ISBN-13 978-8864203652; Vol. V: ISBN-10 8864204350 ISBN-13 978-8864204352; Vol. VI: ISBN-10 8864207880 ISBN-13 978-8864207889

Spanish (translated by Marc Bernabé Costa): [Norma Editorial, 2013] Vol. 1: ISBN-10: 8467911565 ISBN-13: 978-8467911565; Vol. II: ISBN-10: 8467912693 ISBN-13: 978-8467912692; Vol. III: ISBN-10: 8467912871 ISBN-13: 978-8467912876; Vol. IV: ISBN-10: 8467914548 ISBN-13: 978-8467914542; Vol. V: ISBN-10: 8467915501 ISBN-13: 978-8467915501; Vol. VI: ISBN-10: 8467916273 ISBN-13: 978-8467916270



About the Author

Mari Yamazaki was born in Tokyo on April 20, 1967. At age seventeen, she moved to Italy, where she started studying drawing at an art school in Florence. Yamazaki made her manga debut in 1996 with an autobiographical look at her life in Italy. After bouncing around between Japan, the Middle East, and Italy, she finally settled down in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2003. In 2008, she began drawing Thermae Romae for the monthly magazine Comic Beam on an irregular basis, and the first collected volume was a smash hit upon its 2009 release. In 2010, Thermae Romae received the Manga Taisho Award 2010 and the 14th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize, Short Story Award.

The author currently lives in Chicago with her Italian husband and their son.

Official website:

Mari Yamazaki’s latest manga series is…Pliny the Elder…,in collaboration with artist Miki Tori. Released in July 2014, the book comes from Shinchosha Publishing Company. プリニウス I ISBN-10: 4107717577 ISBN-13: 978-4107717573


[All illustrations courtesy Mari Yamazaki’s website.]


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