New Loeb Classical library translations


The entire 522-volume Loeb Classical Library was made available as searchable, digital editions on a subscription model by Harvard University Press in mid-September 2014. Harvard tells us the Loeb digital effort cost $1 million!

Although many libraries have extensive collections of the original Loeb volumes, these essential classics have needed to be made more widely available to the reading public for a long time. The books’ facing-page translations into English, from Greek and Latin, make classical reading eminently accessible to everyone.

It is testament to the value of classical knowledge that these writers still circulate and are oft-quoted after 2,000 years. Now, 25% of the 100,000,000 Latin and Greek words surviving to 600 CE may now be browsed, searched, bookmarked, annotated and “shared”. Note “shared” does not mean downloaded; unfortunately, Harvard seeks to lock up its Loebs for lucre. And billions more words postdating 600 CE may be found in other, far less restricted, repositories.

A fascinating analysis discussion of the cost/benefits to classical knowledge and open access vs. copyright conventions is here:

We were delighted to see that at least 69 Loebs were updated with new translations, listed below. The contents appears to differ from the original Loeb numbers in only one case. I have designated these as “b” volume numbers to differentiate them from the original Loeb translations, which LCL informs us have been “replaced”. New translators appear in brackets.

New translations building upon the work of previous translators is nothing new. Many original Loebs were based upon 19th-century translations. Nevertheless, LCL continues to build upon these, releasing two new volumes or so each year.

Quirks of old Loebs may be found on this fun Tumblr site:

We certainly hope Harvard will make the new translations available in the much-loved green-for-Greek, red-for Latin format as physical books as well.

The entire catalogue may be found here:

We urge you to encourage your library or institution to institute a subscription. Individual subscriptions are $195 for the first year and $65 for subsequent years.

How to subscribe

If any reader knows whether library subscriptions permit downloading of volumes (it would be most inconvenient to readers were this not possible), we’d like to know.

Prof. Gregory Crane, Director of the Perseus Project at Tufts University finds them not accessible enough: “The Digital Loeb Classical Library, Open Scholarship, and a Global Society”:

L001b Apollonius Rhodius – Argonautica [William H. Race]

L006b Catullus – Tibullus. Pervigilum Veneris [FW Cornish; JP Postgate; JW Mackail]

L007b Cicero – Letters to Atticus I [DR Shackleton Bailey]

L008b Cicero – Letters to Atticus II [DR Shackleton Bailey]

L009b Euripides III – Suppliant Women. Electra. Heracles [David Kovacs]

L010b [cf L484] Euripides IV – Trojan Women. Iphigenia among the Taurians. Ion [David Kovacs]

L011b Euripides V – Helen. Phoenician Women. Orestes [ [David Kovacs]

L012b Euripides VI – Cyclops. Alcestis. Medea [David Kovacs]

L016b Philostratus – Apollonius of Tyana I Books 1-4 [Christopher P. Jones]

L017b Philostratus – Apollonius of Tyana II Books 5-8 [Christopher P. Jones]

L0180b Propertius – Elegies [GP Goold]

L020b Sophocles I – Ajax. Electra. Oedipus Tyrannus [Hiugh Lloyd-Jones]

L021b Sophocles II – Antigone. The Women of Trachis. Philoctetes. Oedipus at Colonus [High Lloyd-Jones]

L022b Terence I – The Woman of Andros. the Self-Tormentor. The Eunuch [John Barsby]

L023b Terence II – Phormio. The Mother-in-Law. The Brothers [John Barsby]

L024b The Apostolic Fathers I – Clement I & II Ignatius Polycarp Didache [Bart D. Ehrman]

L025b The Apostolic Fathers II – Barnabas. Papias & Quadratus. Diognetus. The Shepherd of Herman [Bart D. Ehrman]

L026b Augustine I – Confessions I Books 1-8 [Carolyn J.-B. Hammond]

L028b Greek Bucolic Poets – Theocritus Bion Moschus [Neil Hopkinson]

L032b Cassius Dio Cocceianus I – Roman History I Books 1-11 [Earnest Cary] [Herbert B. Foster]

L033b Horace I – Odes and Epodes [Niall Rudd]

L035b Tacitus I – Dialogue on Oratory, Agricola, Germania [M. Hutton & W. Peterson]

L044b Apuleius I – Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass) I Books 1-6 [J. Arthur Hanson]

L045b-Achilles Tatius – Leucippe & Clitophon [S. Gaselee]

L055b Pliny the Younger I – Letters & Panegyricus I Books 1-7 [Betty Radice]

L056b Pindar I & II – Olympian & Pythian Odes [William H. Race]

L057b Hesiod — Homeric Hymns and Homerica [Glenn W. Most]

L059b Pliny the Younger II – Letters & Panegyricus II Books 8-10 [Betty Radice]

L060b Plautus I – Amphitryon, Comedies I [Wolfgang de Melo]

L061b Plautus II – Casina, Comedies II [Wolfgang de Melo]

L062b Seneca the Younger VIII – Tragedies I Hercules Furens, Troades, Medfea, Hippolytus, Oedipus [John G. Fitch]

L069b Longus – Daphnis & Chloe / Xenophon of Ephesus – Anthia & Habrocomes [Jeffrey Henderson]

L074b Boethius – The Theological Tractates & The Consolation of Philosophy [H.F. Stewart & E.K. Rand] [S.J. Tester]

L078b Seneca the Younger IX – Tragedies II: Oepipus. Agamemnon. Thyestes. Hercules on Oeta. Octavia [John G. Fitch]

L091b Juvenal & Persius – Collected Satires [Susanna Morton Braund]

L097b Cicero XXIV – Letters to Atticus III Books 166-281 [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L124b Quintilian I – The Orator’s Education I Books 1-3 [Donald A. Russell]

L125b Quintilian II – The Orator’s Education II Books 4-6 [Donald A. Russell]

L126b Quintilian III – The Orator’s Education III Books 7-9 [Donald A. Russell]

L127b Quintilian IV – The Orator’s Education IV Books 10-12 [Donald A. Russell]

L132b Menander of Athens I – Principal Fragments: Arbitrants, Girl from Samos, Girl Who Gets Her Hair Cut Short, Fragments, Unidentified Comedy [W.G. Arnott]

L142b Greek Lyric Poetry I – Terpander, Alcman, Sappho Alcarus [David A. Campbell]

L144b Greek Lyric Poetry V – The New School, Anonymous Songs & Hymns [David A. Campbell]

L145b Aeschylus I – Suppliant Maidens, Persians Prometheus, Seven Against Thebes [Alan H. Sommerstein]

L146b Aeschylus II – Agamemnon, Libation-Bearers, Eumenides, Fragments [Alan H. Sommerstein]

L163b Plautus III – The Merchant The Braggart Warrior The Haunted House The Persian [Wolfgang de Melo]

L174b Frontinus – The Stratagems Books 1-4, The Aqueducts of Rome Books 1 & 2 [Charles E. Bennett from Clemens Herschel] [Mary B. McElwain]

L178b Aristophanes I – The Acharnians, The Knights, The Clouds, The Wasps [Jeffrey Henderson]

L183b Xenophon VII – Scripta Minora: Hiera, Agesilaus, Constitution of the Lacedaemonians, Ways & Means, On the Cavalry Commander, Horsemanship, Hunting [E.C. Marchant] [G.W. Bowersock]

L189b Cicero XVa & XVb – Philippics Books 1-14 [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L205b Cicero XXV – The Letters to His Friends Book I-VI [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L206b Statius I – Silvae Books 1-5, Thebald Books 1-4 [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L207b Statius II – Thebald Volume I: Books 1-7 [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L208b Athenaeus II — The Deipnosophists II: Book 3.106e-5 [S. Douglas Olson]

L216b Cicero XXVI – The Letters to His Friends II Books 114-280 [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L224b Athenaeus III – The Deipnosophists III Books 6 & 7 [S. Douglas Olson]

L225b Theophrastus III – The Characters; Herodas – Mimes Sophron & Mime Fragments. Cercidas & the Greek Choliambic Poets [Jeffrey Rusten & I.C. Cunningham]

L230b Cicero XXVII – The Letters to His Friends III/Books 281-435, Quintus, Brutus [D.R. Shackleton Bailey]

L235b Athenaeus IV — The Deipnosophists IV Books 8-10 [S. Douglas Olson]

L236b Arrian I – Anabasis of Alexander 1-4 [P.A. Brunt]

L259b Greek Iambic Poetry II 7th-5thc BC: Archilocus. Semonides. Hipponax [Douglas E. Gerber]

L260b Plautus IV – The Little Carthaginian, Pseudolus, The Rope [Wolfgang de Melo]

L269b Arrian I – Anabasis of Alexander I Books 5-7; Indica 8 [P.A. Brunt]

L270b Basil IV – Letters IV 249-368, Address to Young Men on Reading Greek Literature [Roy J. Deferrari] [M.R.P. McGuire]

L274b Athenaeus V — The Deipnosophists V: Books 11 & 12 [S. Douglas Olson]

L276b Plato VI – The Republic II Books 6-10 [Christopher Emlyn-Jones & William Preddy]

L317b Aristotle XVI – Problems II Books 22-38 [Robert Mayhew] /  Rhetorica ad Alexandrum [David C. Mirhady]

L327b Athenaeus VI — The Deipnosophists VI: Books 13-14.653b [S. Douglas Olson]

L328b Plautus V – Stichus, Trinummus (Three Bob Day), Truculentus, Vidularia (Tale of a Traveling Bag) [Wolfgang de Melo]

L393b Pliny VII – Natural History VII Books 24-27 Index of Plants [W.H.S. Jones] [A.C. Andrews]


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