Loeb Digital Library MMXVI


We were shocked and dismayed by the offering of only 166 Loeb volumes, many still in copyright, as digital files. The “Loeb Classical Library Builder” is offered for sale by Noet Scholarly Books for $704.99. The company claims this is a sale price, reflecting a 40% discount, making Noet’s retail price $1,000!

All these and 297 more Loebs are readily available as by torrent for free, as the Loeb Classical Library IV. The torrent offers 465 of 523 Loeb volumes. However, this collection holds few of the newer revised translations since Loeb itself went digital in 2014.

However, we were pleased to discover recently an offline version of the entire 523 modern volumes of the Loeb Digital Library offered completely for free.

Until now, the digital library had only been available locked behind Loeb Classics’ paywall using a rather expensive subscription model. In addition, the classics may only be accessed online, making using the Loebs quite inconvenient.

The zipped folder is 3.61GB. When unpacked, the entire collection totals 13.18GB. We’ll let the NFO file speak for itself.


Welcome to the Loeb Digital Library

Imagine the convenience of being able to immerse yourself in the Loeb Digital Library anywhere, anytime!

The pleasure of our classical heritage can now be yours with no subscription, no WiFi, no Internet. (You do still need a computer!) Works well on tablet and smartphone, too, so you can carry the classics with you.

The entire Loeb Digital Library, all 523 books, green for Greek, red for Latin, is now in your hands.

Now you can…


This collection is humbly dedicated to Alcides Guajardo.


A torrent for LDL MMXVI has been posted here: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/16013213. The torrent’s info hash is: A7CD26773552BB0D315C790F70C14804638C96DB.

However, the file also appears to be hosted at the following cloud hosting sites: https://mega.nz/#!W8IyUbIL!gI_G2ucD0gohWcZ0wzzdIdVndtfzpZZKlPvUxdbEFEw and https://www.mediafire.com/?8ub77b47q9l4bkb. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Loeb Digital Library MMXVI”

  1. Marco Says:

    would it be possible to update the torrent so as to include the newly-published nine volumes of Early Greek Philosophers (by André Laks and Glenn W. Most).

  2. enumaelis Says:

    I downloaded it and the first time I opened index.html all was perfect. But from the second time onward I get a page full of strange characters as it was not html. Any clue?

    • latin4everyone Says:

      The “index.html” file in the folder is an alias. Try opening the “index.html” file within the LDL folder itself.

  3. Manuel Says:

    Hi latin4everyone: first things first, I wanted to thank you for your efforts on making the loebs available to everyone. 🙂
    Second thing, I got a problem with the new LDL offline version. I manage to open it: initially everything seems fine, but when I select a volume and I start reading it, I can easily read just the first one or two pages, then it gets stuck and/or very slow to load the others making actually reading these loebs impossible. It is just me? Maybe I did something wrong when I unpacked it? o.O

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